Hellens Landscape Regeneration

The current climate emergency and COP26 have highlighted the biodiversity crisis that we’re presently experiencing, and those ways in which we have put the future at stake for our immediate descendants.

Hellens has started to implement plans to make a small but genuine commitment to the regeneration of the land in its care.

In Autumn 2021 we began a series of consultations with local conservationists, land management, wild-life and National Trust experts.

With their assistance we developed a blueprint for regeneration, to be achieved working in conjunction with the local community.

Adam Munthe


Over the last  century Herefordshire, like so much of the UK, has become increasingly modified by modern farm practices with the consequential loss of  trees and hedgerows including ancient trees and other vital components that provide habitat to a broad diversity of fungi, plants  insects, birds and native wild animals.

The Hellens estate, as many already know and appreciate, includes orchards with ancient trees, lush meadow-land, ponds and the SSSI Hallwood, with the remaining land farmed for arable crops.

The restoration of natural processes will steadily restore health and diversity to the area, while recapturing carbon in the soil and in the growth of new plants.

Hedges will be allowed to grow higher between cuts, providing a harvest of berries and nectar for the birds and bees, and some trees within them will be left to grow up to form mature trees for the future.

We intend to dig or redig ponds that will encourage a broader range of wildlife, clean up our polluted watercourses and, all in a carefully managed process, restore the land’s natural capacity to provide us with its fruits and benefits.

Already since October things have started to change; grasses and herbs have germinated, and even some oak saplings, self-sown from the trees at the edge of Hallwood! The benefits are already being felt in terms of soil protection and water quality. It will be a few years before we are able to wander through a habitat-rich mix of woodland, pasture, and orchard, but the crucial element is simply that we’ve started!