Malvern Dowsers Workshop

Date and Time
Wed, 20th Jul, 2022 at 10:30 - 16:00

Malvern Dowsers invite you to come and explore the beautiful gardens at Hellens from a totally new perspective.  Dowsing allows you to identify lots of ‘hidden’ energies and features in our landscape and not just subterranean water.
This event will be for new and experienced dowsers that would like to perceive Hellens gardens in a completely new way.  Our workshop will include a demonstration to design and create a sacred heart labyrinth, identifying earth energy lines through dowsing and their magnitude after blessing, rebalancing chakra energy centres using flowers, listening to the wisdom of the trees and much more. It’s an opportunity to learn to dowse if you have never tried before and meet with a vibrant community of dowsers for a very enjoyable day.Cost: £25 per person (payable to our treasurer, Marian, on the day). But to reserve your place please contact

For more information about Malvern Dowsers, visit