CONCERT: The Prince Regent’s Band

Date and Time
Wed, 14th Sep, 2022 at 19:30 - 21:30

The invention of valved brass instruments in the early nineteenth century transformed the musical landscape of the time. Prior to this innovation, brass instruments were performed using a variety of technologies and techniques including keys, slides, holes and the placement of the hand in the bell of the instruments all of which created a fascinating, highly colourful sonic world exploited by composers of the era.

This programme showcases compositions that emerged from the fertile imaginations of composers associated with the French school of brass playing, many of whom were immigrants to the country. The repertoire explores the transition that took place during the period including some of earliest quintets for brass by Jean François Bellon, whose compositions were described as “an exceptional sort of symphony” which “place him high among the class of musical innovators and originators” and the masterpiece that is orientalist Félicien David’s Nonet in C minor.





Luigi Cherubini (1760–1842) Pas redoubles et Marches for demi lune trumpet, 3 natural horns and serpent

Anton Reicha (1770–1836) Selection from 24 trios pour trois cors op. 82

Jean-Baptiste Schiltz (1807-1868)  Selection from Divertissements faciles et brillants en quatuors Op. 40 for 2 cornets à pistons, trombone, ophicleide

Jean-François Bellon (1795–1869) Quintet No. 5
i. Allegro ma risoluto
ii. Minuetto et Trio
iii. Andante sostenuto
iv. Bolero
Petite bugel, cornet à pistons, cor à pistons, trombone, ophicleide

Jean-François Bellon (1795–1869) Quintet No. 8
i. Allegretto
ii. Minuetto et Trio
iii. Sicilienne
iv. Rondo
Petite bugel, cornet à pistons, cor à pistons, trombone, ophicleide

Louis Dauprat (1781–1868) arr. Joseph Meifred (1791-1867) Marche Funèbre
4 cors à pistons
Félicien-César David (1810–1876) Nonetto en Ut Mineur
i. Allegro agitato
ii. Allegretto
iii. Scherzo
iv Finale
2 cornets à piston, 4 cors à pistons, 2 trombones, ophicleide

This concert is supported by the Continuo Foundation

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